Onsite HIPAA Training

Does your organization need to train a large number of individuals on HIPAA’s requirements for group health plans?

Is your organization interested in HIPAA training that is specifically tailored to the way you operate, your HIPAA policies and procedures and your industry?

Never fear – the HIPAA Guru has the perfect solution!

We offer onsite training that is tailored to the operation of your business. We take your HIPAA policies and procedures and develop a fun and engaging live training program that guarantees your workforce will “get it” when it comes to their obligations under HIPAA.

We all know that workforce members of HIPAA covered entities must comply with HIPAA’s obligations. What is often overlooked is that these workforce members must also comply with their organization’s HIPAA policies and procedures in addition to HIPAA’s general principles. Therefore, customized training is a fantastic method to ensure that your workforce members understand not only what HIPAA requires but also what your HIPAA policies and procedures require! Of course, this minimizes liability to your organization since most HIPAA violations are attributable to your employees’ actions. We create a WIN-WIN situation for your organization without your employees ever having to leave the office.

Who benefits the most from customized training?

  • Employers with a large number of employees within the HIPAA firewall, involved in health plan administration activities.
  • Employers who would like to include their benefits consultants and other third parties in their HIPAA workforce training to ensure these consultants are on the same page in relation to the HIPAA compliance program in place for the employer’s health plans.
  • Employers in special industries in which HIPAA can apply in a number of ways, such as the following:
  • School districts with group health plans subject to HIPAA in addition to school nurses, special education programs and student athletic activities – - we discuss in depth the HIPAA/FERPA connection and the specific obligations under HIPAA in relation to each type of activity.
  • Employers sponsoring group health plans in addition to an on-site health clinic for employees. We discuss the special rules under HIPAA that apply to each of these activities and guidelines for determining whether and how HIPAA applies to on-site health clinics.

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