HIPAA Training Made Fun for Health Plans

The HIPAA Guru empowers you to master HIPAA privacy, security and breach laws in an energized learning environment. Our fun and novel approach to HIPAA training ensures that you will leave with a clear understanding of your obligations under HIPAA.

Think about it – - how much of any course do you really retain when you are stuck in a dry and boring learning environment, trying to understand a complicated law? Considering that penalties under HIPAA have now risen to up to $1.5 million per violation per year and individuals can go to prison for HIPAA violations, it’s more important than ever to really understand HIPAA. Research indicates that 70% more information is retained in a positive, fun setting. So, come learn and understand HIPAA in an exciting and energized learning environment!

  • Our courses are taught by a leading HIPAA attorney who has been on the forefront of this law since its inception and knows the intricacies of this law inside out!
  • Our courses are tailored to the specific rules and the special issues facing group health plans. Most other HIPAA training is geared toward health care providers and fails to address the application of HIPAA to health plans and the employers who sponsor these plans.
  • Our courses are carefully formulated to maximize your retention of HIPAA by presenting materials in a wide variety of learning formats – - catering to every learning style. We focus on visual learning with a BIG emphasis on having fun!
  • We role-play real world examples of true and common occurrences facing HR/Benefits professionals to gain hands-on knowledge, experience and confidence to handle any HIPAA situation appropriately.
  • We thoroughly discuss the difference between HR and health plan activities, with a strong emphasis on how a dual role HR/Benefits employee must separate HR functions (e.g., ADA, FMLA, workers’ compensation, LTD and STD) and health plan administration functions, using real world examples and skits.
  • Our courses are perfect for HR/Benefits professionals, TPAs, benefits brokers, benefits consultants, other business associates and anyone else with HIPAA responsibilities.
  • The HIPAA Guru also offers customized on-site training and HIPAA consulting services for your organization.
  • Don’t gasp in horror any longer at the mention of HIPAA. The HIPAA Guru makes a complicated law fun and easy to understand – - empowering YOU to excel at your job and become a valuable resource to your company!

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